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Community Involvement

In addition to my PhD research, I am also involved in other work within the Web Ergonomics Lab and School of Computer Science


PhD Mentor

The first year of a PhD can be difficult and so the School Of Computer Science offers a mentoring service. Mentors - myself included - are volunteers from the second and third year students who provide advice to PhD students with regards to any concerns they have about their studies. To lighten the mood, we also organise the odd social event to enable the first years to get to know each other in a less formal setting. In addition, we act as the school representatives in various boards, such as School Board, Staff-Student Consultative Committee and PGR Student Representation, and conduct academical events to encourage PhD students to get engaged with the various topics and faciliate their course. For more information, please visit the mentor Website or the Facebook group page.


Teaching Assistant

The School of Computer Science provides practical and workshop sessions for students who are on the taught courses. These activities allow them to gain practical experience in applying the theory, and strengthen their knowledge that they have picked up in the lectures. As a teaching assistant, I conduct seminars and provide assistance to students in lab sessions as well as assessing coursework and taking attendance. I have assisted with the following courses:


Web Ergonomics Lab Website Co-maintainer

The Web Ergonomics Lab Website carries information about the cutting edge research conducted within the lab. This includes the publications of the lab members, project's descriptions, the lab members contacts, our User Lab information, and the different community involvement that lab members participate in. This is a great source to find out more about what the Web Ergonomics Lab do!


IMG & WEL News Blogger

Frequently a lot of exciting things happen within the Web Ergonomics Lab (WEL) - This includes exciting research findings, seminars/talks, achievements, collaborations, news, and many more activities. I am the person who blog about these news on the WEL blog and Information Management Group(IMG) blog. So to find out more about our current activities, remember to check out the WEL blog and/or the IMG blog for the most current events.