SuperModel Version 1

This is the home page of SuperModel version 1. For more general information about SuperModel, go here.

Brief Setup Instructions

copy the following file into your $PROTEGE/plugins directory

Everything should be as usual, when you start up Protégé. Expect problems if it isn't.

Since people have been asking: you can download the java source code from here. C++ sourcecode (needed for the binary in the /lib/ directory of the jar file) is available here. As the name or the archive suggests, this is mostly source code for the FaCT++ DL reasoner by Dmitry Tsarkov with a few crude patches by me.

Caveat Utilitor!

This software is just a prototype. It is not even in alpha stage. Expect it to die unexpectedly and, in the worst case, even take some data with it. Backup your valued ontologies!


New Features!

Planned Features