University of Manchester

School of Computer Science

Advanced Processor Technology (APT) Research Group

Dr. Barry M.G.Cheetham B.Sc., PhD., C.Eng., MIET, MIEEE

       Senior Lecturer in Signal Processing and Telecommunications for Mobile Systems Architecture (MSA)


Appointed to current post in February 1998.
From October 1979 until January 1998,
Barry was a lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Electronics, Liverpool University, UK.






Research interests:

  • Voice processing for high quality ‘voice-over-wireless LAN’ (VoWLAN) over converged enterprise networks
  • Coding of speech for mobile communications
  • Computer network technology for distance learning
  • Speech technology (speech coding, analysis and synthesis)
  • Implementation of speech processing algorithms on an asynchronous DSP core
  • Digital signal processing applied to the acoustical analysis of musical performance
  • Digital signal processing applied to the analysis and monitoring of biomedical signals (pulmonary sounds analysis)

I have held about 25 research grants, including 5 EPSRC and 2 EU grants including a European "concerted action”.

I supervised 29 successful Ph.D. projects, and had long term involvement with a number of communications companies including BT.

I have published 1 book, 2 book chapters, 27 journal papers, 40 international conference papers, 20 colloquium papers, 9 abstracts, 3 articles and have been responsible for four patents held by BT.

I have extensive teaching and administrational experience including that of being instigator and Director of an M.Sc.(Eng.) Course in Telecommunications and Micro-electronic Systems. I also set up and ran a short course for industry on "Digital Signal Processing".

I have been a member and chairman of the IEE E10 "Circuits & Systems" professional group committee, a member of IEE Divisional Board, Premiums Committees, and other professional groups.

I have been external examiner for 21 Ph.D. and two M.Phil projects, and have served on the organising committee for major international conferences: including ECCTD’89 , IEEE ISCAS’94 and ILSA’97 and ICLSP’98.

Current research projects (2016):

  • 2012-2016: Analysis by Digital Signal Processing applied to the Objective Clinical Assessment of Voice Quality Impairment’, M.D. candidate: Dr. Chai Gadepalli

Completed Research Projects (since 2000):

·        2001 "Sinusoidal transform coding of speech for mobile communications" , PhD student: Dr. M.S. HO

·        2002 "The discrete all-pole model applied to speech coding and synthesis" , PhD student: Dr. D. MOLYNEUX

·        2003 "Variable bit-rate speech coding for mobile telephony", Ph. D Student: Dr. Ning. Li

·        2004 "Internet technology for distance learning", Ph.D. Student: Dr. Li.Rong. HE

·        2004 " Modulation techniques for future mobile radio", M.Phil student: A. ESHHUUBI

·        2005 " Time-frequency analysis applied to biomedical signals", Ph.D.Student: Dr. YEN.HA. HIEW

·        2006 "Time-frequency analysis of musical performance", Ph.D. student: Dr. ANDREW. EARIS

·        2006 ‘Energy aware compilations for an asynchronous DSP core’ Ph D student: Dr.  XIaoXia (Lizzie). Ni

·        2007 ‘High quality (DECT) voice over WLAN: WINDECT’  ( )

·        "Techniques for the short term spectral analysis of speech as required for low bit rate coding" British Telecom (ML770603/MH183 GG272NEY)

·        1993-96 "Efficient Techniques for speech synthesis using an articulatory model" (GR/H79013 /RGEEFD)

·        1995-98 "Variable bit-rate speech coding for mobile radio networks" (DTI/EPSRC LINK project with BT Laboratories & Ensigma Ltd)

·        1994-97 European research grant under "Biomed III": Concerted Action: "CORSA" Helsinki University, Liverpool University (with Fazakerley Hospital), Leiden University (Netherlands), Universite de Paris Sud (France) and Ospidale

·        2000-01 (with David Tait) ESPICO: Implementation of speech processing algorithms on DSP cores.

·        2000-03 Wythenshawe Hospital: ‘DSP applied to the analysis and monitoring of chronic cough’

·        Fazakerley Hospital:  ‘DSP applied to pulmonary sounds’

·        2003-2006 WINDECT : EU ‘Framework 6’ Specific targetted research & Innovation Project in collaboration with Ascom (Switzerland), Winfinity (Berlin), IHP (Frankfurt-Oder),
       ETH (Zurich), Josef Stefan Institute (Ljubjana  Slovenia) & Manchester University (UK).   WINDECT aims to merge wireless networks by integrating professional quality
       telephony into WLANs to achieve high quality voice over WLAN. This will lead to an innovative   application in the field of wireless and mobile communications in converged
       enterprise networks. ( )

·        2010-2014 “Clipping Noise Mitigating Iterative Receivers for OFDM”,  PhD student: Dr. Nargis Bibi  

·        2012-2016‘ ‘Computerised GRBAS Assessment of Voice Quality’, PhD student: Dr. Farideh Jalalinajafabadi

·        2010-2016, ‘Adaptive E-Learning Based On Proven Educational Theories’,  PhD student: Dr. Samar Alkhuraijai


Barry’s Teaching and Administration

Lecture courses:

CS3291: Year 3: ‘Digital Signal Processing’:

CS3282: Year 3: ‘Digital Communications’:

COMP30291 Year 3 ‘Digital media processing’


Final Year & MSc Computer Science Projects (2009-10):


COMP18112: Year 1: ‘Foundations of Distributed Computing’:         


COMP28512: Year 2: ‘Mobile Systems’: 


COMP61232: M.Sc.: ‘Mobile Communications’ given by Dr. Barry Cheetham and Dr. Nick Filer:



COMP80131: PhD Scientific Methods 1: ‘Scientific Evaluation, Experimental Design & Statistical Methods’ (Barry & Goran)




PGR-Postgraduate Research Student Admissions & CS-CDT Acting Manager

Organizer:  Final Year Projects.

Chairman: Siemens medal award committee for Computer Science.

Member: Computer Science ‘Mathematics’ committee.

Some publications


(1)  S.Alkhuraiji, B. Cheetham, and O. Bamasak. 'Towards Adaptive E-Learning Based On Proven Educational Theories'. in The Eighth IASTED International Conference, Web-based Education. 2010. Sharm El sheik, Egypt: ACTA press.


(2). S.Alkhuraiji, B. Cheetham & O. Bamasak. Dynamic Adaptive Mechanism in Learning Management System Based on Learning Styles. in 11th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies 2011. Athens, Georgia, USA.


(3). Samar Alkhuraiji, Barry Cheetham, MohammedAdbel Razek&Omaima Bamasak., Emerging Web 2.0 for Adaptive Learning Management System Based on Student’s Learning Styles. Web 2.0 Tools, Methodology and Services For Enhancing Intelligent Tutoring SystemsWorkshop, Supplementary Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Chania, Greece., 2012: p. 15-31.


(4). Samar Alkhuraiji, Barry Cheetham, Mohammed Adbel Razek & Omaima Bamasak.  A flexible approach for providing adaptivity in learning management system based on learning styles. in 12th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA), 2012


(5) Nargis Bibi & Barry Cheetham, “Clipping Noise Mitigating Iterative Receivers for OFDM”  Proc 3rd IEEE International Conference on Networked
Embedded Systems for Every Application (NESEA), pp. 1-5, 13-14 Dec. 2012


(6)  C. Gadepalli, F. Jalalinajafabadi, F.Ascott, B.Cheetham, J.J. Homer, “Inter and intra rater consistency in GRBAS scoring”, Royal College of Surgeons, ‘Cutting edge lanyngology 2013, 17-19 June 2013, London,


(7) A Nenadic, N Zhang, BMG Cheetham, CA Goble, 'RSA based certified delivery of E-goods using verifiable and recoverable signature encryption',

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Selection from refereed International Conference papers:

(1) T.M. Jones, M.S. Ho, S. Donohugue, B.M.G. Cheetham, P.M.A. Calverley, A.C.S. Swift, J.E. Earis, "Measurements before and after palatoplasty", accepted for publication in American Thoracic Society, San Francisco, USA, May 2001.

(2) T.M. Jones, M.S. Ho, B.M.G. Cheetham, A.C. Swift, J.E. Earis, "Outcome of snoring surgery 1993-1998", accepted for publication in American Thoracic Society, San Francisco, USA, May 2001.

Colloquium papers:

(1). Plante F., Kessler H., Sun X.Q., Cheetham B.M.G. And Earis J.E., "Inverse filtering applied to upper airway sounds", Proc. Second CORSA WPIII Symposium on Signal Processing in Lung Sound Analysis, Sjolulla, Finland,7-8 June 1996.

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Conference papers (abstracts only published):

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