Dr. Richard Banach

Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester.

Research areas:

My main research interests at present are:

  • Hybrid and cyberphysical systems.
  • Hybrid Event-B: its definitiion, theory and implementation.
  • Retrenchment, a means of formalising more of informal design. See the Retrenchment Homepage.
  • Application of formal methods to problems involving continuous mathematics.
  • Formal methods in general, and their relationship to wider systems engineering issues.
  • Blockchain applications and architectures.
  • Aspects of cryptography and security.

    Other research interests include:

  • Other technical aspects of formal methods techniques: regular relations;
        relational aspects of specification theory and programming methodology;
        concurrency theory and its applications.

    Recent Publications

    Mini CV and a bit more on research interests.

    Teaching, Live:

  • COMP61411: Cryptography. The COMP61411 syllabus is here, and COMP61411.Info Course Information is here.

    Teaching, in a Linear Superposition of Live and Dead:

  • COMP39112: Quantum Computing. The COMP39112 syllabus is here, and COMP39112.Info Course Information is here.

    Teaching, Dead:

  • COMP26020: Programming Languages and Paradigms (PART 4). The COMP26020 syllabus is here, and COMP26020 Course Information is on Blackboard.
  • COMP36111: Advanced Algorithms I. The COMP36111 syllabus is here, and COMP36111.Info Course Information is here.
  • COMP31111: Verified Development. The COMP31111 syllabus is here, and COMP31111.Info Course Information is here.
  • COMP60110: System Construction Using B. The COMP60110 syllabus woz 'ere, and COMP60110.Info Course Information is here.
  • COMP70190: Computer Architecture and Systems. The COMP70190 official info page is here, and COMP70190.Info Course Information is here.

    Finding me:

  • Room number: 2.99
  • e-mail: richard "dot" banach "at" manchester "dot" ac "dot" uk
  • Telephone: +44 161 275 5720