Adel Taweel

I currently work as a senior research fellow and technical project manager at School of Computer Science, University of Manchester.   Previously, I worked in the software industry for several years, before moving to academia in 1998. During this period, I lead and participated in the design and development of large-scale software systems mainly for communication and business orientated domains.

Since 1998, I have worked on several EU and UK funded projects, including Globally Distributed Software Engineering, CLARiFi (Clear and Reliable broker to support the development of component-based systems),  CLEF and CLEF-Services (Co-operative eScience clinical Framework). Also I have worked  as a  lecturer at the University of Keele, Computer Science Department, until Dec 2002, before moving to my current post.  My current work includes technically project managing the CLEF project and contributing to its research and software development.  CLEF is a UK-sponsored e-science (distributed) project that aims to create a co-operative e-science clinical framework to support clinical research and trials. Please visit the link (CLEF) for further details.

I have received my Bachelorís and Masterís degrees in Electronics from the University of Poona, India, in 1994. I have obtained another Masterís degree in Data Engineering and computer Science and subsequently received my Ph.D. in Software Engineering from the University of Keele, UK, in 2001. My Research interests and publications include research papers, in international journals and conferences, on several topics including COTS, distributed software engineering, collaborative software engineering, distributed configuration management, service oriented architectures and component-based systems (see publications).