New Padfield Plum Fair Scamper - 13 Sep 2009 - Sorted by Name

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Pos Name Cat Club Time
20Anastasi, Andrew M40Glossopdale Harriers0:44:31
12Bassett, Nicholas M40Staffordshire Moorlands0:41:48
3Bell, Steve M40Dark Peak FR0:38:26
38Bostock, Colin M50Long Eaton RC0:49:06
46Brentnall, Alison F50Pennine FR0:51:35
36Broadfoot, Steve M40Northern Veterans AC0:48:03
67Brown, Malcolm M40Unattached1:04:19
33Checkley, Mark M40FRA0:47:30
10Cliff, Martin MBryn Harriers0:41:38
7Curtis, Noel MFatboys RC0:40:50
30Curtis, Steph F40Fatboys RC0:46:43
55Dinsmor, Alex F60Pennine FR0:56:27
35Eaton, Charlie MGlossopdale Harriers0:47:47
4Edmondson, Stuart MHorwich RMI Harriers & AC0:38:43
21Elmore, Helen FTotley AC0:44:56
14Gartley, Dale M40FRA0:42:17
61Geary, Lynsey FUnattached0:59:51
43Goldsmith, Neil M50Pennine FR0:50:26
29Goodwin, Bill M40Pennine FR0:46:35
32Gormont, Mike MUnattached0:47:24
2Gould, Ryan-Lee MJEast Cheshire Harriers0:37:43
24Greenway, Tracy F40Ilkley Harriers AC0:45:43
34Grobben, Nicole F40Pennine FR0:47:37
44Hamshaw, John M40Unattached0:51:01
39Hart, Roger M60Glossopdale Harriers0:49:10
60Helliwell, William M60Unattached0:59:49
62Hewitt, Jane F40Unattached0:59:59
17Humphrey, Bruce MUnattached0:43:13
16Jackson, Tom MUnattached0:42:52
25Jackson, Chris MUnattached0:45:47
1Jones, Andi MSalford Harriers & AC0:34:57
50Jones, Rick MUnattached0:52:28
28Kilner, John MGlossopdale Harriers0:46:32
18Knowles, Steven MPennine FR0:43:21
68Larkin, Scott MUnattached1:05:41
13Little, Thomas MUnattached0:42:09
41Longman, Trevor M50Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:49:29
70Martin, Phil M60Lytham St Annes RR Club1:06:17
53McGraw, Neville M60Glossopdale Harriers0:53:37
54McGraw, Neil MGlossopdale Harriers0:55:34
51Metcalfe, Adele F40Glossopdale Harriers0:52:40
47Mitchell, Dez M40Unattached0:51:52
11Moriarty, Carl M40Pennine FR0:41:43
65Myerscough, Liz FUnattached1:03:02
40Nankivell, Dean M40GMFRS0:49:27
74Nicholson, Peter M50Tottier Harriers1:18:11
9Nuttall, Joe MPennine FR0:41:23
6Ollerenshaw, Mark MGlossopdale Harriers0:39:16
52Palmer, Lindsay F40Glossopdale Harriers0:53:07
15Partridge, Dominic MStockport Harriers & AC0:42:50
23Patterson, Jeremy M50Holmfirth Harriers AC0:45:42
69Pearson, Mick M40Unattached1:05:48
56Pegram, Richard M40Wirksworth0:57:39
8Pender, Chris MNewburgh Nomads RC0:41:04
58Pitceathly, Tracey F40Unattached0:59:32
72Pleasant, Liz F40Unattached1:08:52
26Rees, Ron M50Pennine FR0:46:07
5Robinson, Jon MNorthumberland FR0:39:15
45Rose, Elaine F40Pennine FR0:51:07
59Shuttleworth, Neil M60Glossopdale Harriers0:59:49
48Smith, David M60Stockport Harriers & AC0:51:59
49Stevenson, John M50Glossopdale Harriers0:52:19
64Strines, Richard M40Unattached1:02:58
27Temple, Steve M50KFR0:46:27
73Thackery, Barry M70Dark Peak FR1:11:46
57Thomas, Joanna FManchester Tri0:58:31
37Titley, William M40Trawden AC0:48:40
31Toman, Micheal M40Rossendale Harriers & AC0:46:57
22Vais, Andrei MLong Eaton RC0:45:27
66Vencouska, Alena F50Unattached1:04:13
63Walder, Mark MUnattached1:01:09
42Waterworth, Colin M50Horwich RMI Harriers & AC0:49:48
19Wilkinson, Dicky M40Long Eaton RC0:43:39
71Wragg, Emma F40Unattached1:08:52

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