Mount Famine - 15 May 2010 - Sorted by Club

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Rank Pos Name Cat L Club Time
131Steve Wyatt M50
Birch Vale Tri0:51:54
2119Belinda Wells F45
Birch Vale Tri1:06:30

167Anthony Derbyshire M
Boalloy RC0:57:40
277Tim Derbyshire M
Boalloy RC0:58:43

199Karen Mather F45
Calder Valley FR1:02:38

117David Safranauskas M40
Cheshire Hill Racers0:49:46

184Adrian West-Samuel M45
Cheshire Tally Ho H & H0:59:40

193Paul Edmundson M

1160Rachel Richardson-Wright F45
Colchester Harriers1:27:36

13Dave Aucott M40
Dark Peak FR0:44:43
25Alan Ward M40
Dark Peak FR0:45:18
311Thomas Webb M
Dark Peak FR0:47:58
412Mick Stenton M45
Dark Peak FR0:48:07
519Gavin Williams M45
Dark Peak FR0:50:00
627Phil Crowson M45
Dark Peak FR0:51:29
728Keith Holmes M55
Dark Peak FR0:51:34
835Martin Stocks M45
Dark Peak FR0:52:20
941Andy Moore M50
Dark Peak FR0:53:11
1047Mark Salkild M50
Dark Peak FR0:54:01
1170Glen Irving M
Dark Peak FR0:57:55
1289Will Spain M
Dark Peak FR1:00:42
1392Tim Mackey M55
Dark Peak FR1:01:14
14122Eoin Connaughton M45
Dark Peak FR1:06:45
15130George Diprose M50
Dark Peak FR1:08:40
16140Mike Arundale M55
Dark Peak FR1:11:38
17142Joan Waller F50
Dark Peak FR1:11:53
18143Martin Bullock M
Dark Peak FR1:12:00
19150Gerard Myers M50
Dark Peak FR1:14:47
20165Jim Paxman M50
Dark Peak FRDNF

196Chris Chaddock M
Derbyshire Fire and Rescue1:02:03

197Steve Wickham M50
Erewash Valley RC1:02:26

121Dale Gartley M50
2101Chris Keeling-Roberts M55

110Noel Curtis M
Fatboys RC0:47:46
234Judith Jepson F40
Fatboys RC0:52:07

1157David Richards M50
Formula One Circuit Crew1:18:43

113Julien Minshull M45
Glossopdale Harriers0:48:40
218Tom Jackson M
Glossopdale Harriers0:49:51
339Chris Jackson M
Glossopdale Harriers0:53:04
445John Hewitt M45
Glossopdale Harriers0:53:53
553Andrew Anastasi M45
Glossopdale Harriers0:55:06
655Dave Hogg M50
Glossopdale Harriers0:55:23
771Andy Wilkins M50
Glossopdale Harriers0:57:58
875Charlie Eaton M
Glossopdale Harriers0:58:30
9105Susan Clapham F45
Glossopdale Harriers1:03:46
10107Roger Hart M60
Glossopdale Harriers1:04:28
11110John Stephenson M50
Glossopdale Harriers1:05:16
12127Rebecca Thompson F40
Glossopdale Harriers1:08:14
13134Carl Buckley M60
Glossopdale Harriers1:09:33
14149Alison Holt F40
Glossopdale Harriers1:14:27
15155Neil Shuttleworth M60
Glossopdale Harriers1:17:23
16158Beryl Buckley F60
Glossopdale Harriers1:18:57

160Christopher Harding M50
Goyt Valley Striders0:56:21
2126Ian Waddell M45
Goyt Valley Striders1:07:59

1102Dean Nankivell M40
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service1:02:50

146Stuart Hutchinson M
Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield0:53:56

14Tom Brunt M
Holmfirth Harriers AC0:45:11
236Lisa Lacon F
Holmfirth Harriers AC0:52:45
340John Adair M55
Holmfirth Harriers AC0:53:06
443Nathan Martin M
Holmfirth Harriers AC0:53:30
551Jeremy Patterson M50
Holmfirth Harriers AC0:54:49
680Andrei Vais M
Holmfirth Harriers AC0:59:00
7144Jim Sommerville M60
Holmfirth Harriers AC1:12:03

18Stuart Edmondson M
Horwich RMI Harriers & AC0:47:15

173Steve Temple M50LKFR0:58:13

168Darren Wallis M40

157Phil Clark M55
Kendal AAC0:55:32

172Sophie Lovell F
Leeds City AC0:58:07

129Ed Murden M45
Long Eaton RC0:51:43

115Mark Messenger M40
Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:49:16
242John Mooney M50
Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:53:13
387Martin Mallett M
Macclesfield Harriers & AC1:00:27
4109Trevor Longman M55
Macclesfield Harriers & AC1:05:13
5156David Whewell M45
Macclesfield Harriers & AC1:17:51

11Simon Bailey M
Mercia FR0:40:33

186Geoff Pettengell M50
Mow Cop Runners1:00:09

1124Ray Brown M65
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC1:07:23
2125Colin Porteous M50
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC1:07:44
3128Paul Griffiths M50
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC1:08:19
4129Barbara Haigh F60
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC1:08:20

16Nick Craig M40LPennine FR0:46:30
27Muir Morton M
Pennine FR0:46:53
39Nat Winfield M
Pennine FR0:47:23
420Steve Knowles M
Pennine FR0:50:04
526Dave Soles M45LPennine FR0:51:26
630Carl Moriarty M45
Pennine FR0:51:48
732Joe Nuttall M
Pennine FR0:51:56
833Ian Warhurst M50
Pennine FR0:51:57
937Robert Taylor M60
Pennine FR0:52:49
1038Robin Mitton M
Pennine FR0:53:01
1144Michael Vernon M40LPennine FR0:53:50
1250Mike Munnelly M
Pennine FR0:54:42
1354David Harvey M45
Pennine FR0:55:20
1456John Jodrell M50
Pennine FR0:55:26
1558Lucy Harris F
Pennine FR0:55:44
1666Bill Goodwin M40LPennine FR0:57:34
1778Mary Edgerton F50LPennine FR0:58:52
1879Andy Howie M55LPennine FR0:58:53
1983Naomi Greaves FLPennine FR0:59:37
2085Nick Cork M40LPennine FR0:59:48
2188George Scott M60
Pennine FR1:00:33
2295Alison Brentnall F60
Pennine FR1:01:44
2398Tim Walshaw M40LPennine FR1:02:33
24100Jason Stott M40
Pennine FR1:02:40
25103Katherine Harvey F50LPennine FR1:02:51
26104Elaine Rose F45LPennine FR1:03:14
27108Ian Ashenden MLPennine FR1:05:07
28121Trish Justin F50LPennine FR1:06:44
29145Alexis Dinsmor F60
Pennine FR1:12:12
30146Mark Davenport M
Pennine FR1:12:20
31153Gary Corbett M45
Pennine FR1:16:30
32159Daniel Sims M
Pennine FR1:19:41
33166Lee Langdon M40
Pennine FRDNF

12Sam Tosh M
Rossendale Harriers & AC0:44:37
2136John Lee M50
Rossendale Harriers & AC1:10:10

1139Ruby Carr F
Saddleworth RC1:11:33
2151Nicky Snook F45
Saddleworth RC1:14:56

1131Roger Ashby M65
Sale Harriers Manchester1:08:54

122Nicholas Barber M
Sheffield University0:50:41

149Phil Daintith M40
Spectrum Striders RC0:54:42

1106Neil Bradley M50
Springfield Striders RC1:04:22
2111Sarah Colbert F40
Springfield Striders RC1:05:20
3112John Williams M55
Springfield Striders RC1:05:22
4141Malcolm Savage M60
Springfield Striders RC1:11:42
5164Andrew Kettles M45
Springfield Striders RCDNF

1113Rod Campbell M60
Staffordshire Moorlands1:05:33

1133Stephen Dewick M50
Stilton Striders1:09:20

114Kevan Garner M40
Stockport Harriers & AC0:48:49
216James Corden M
Stockport Harriers & AC0:49:37
348Kevin Scarborough M
Stockport Harriers & AC0:54:04
465Sean Whewell M45
Stockport Harriers & AC0:57:23
581Michael Slater M45
Stockport Harriers & AC0:59:16
690Andy Titley M45
Stockport Harriers & AC1:00:45
7162Michael Boardman M55
Stockport Harriers & AC1:30:28

191Caroline Burrell F40LTRA1:00:53

1118Louise Richards F
Totley AC1:06:20
2123Mark Bartley M50
Totley AC1:07:16

123Mark Horsley-Frost M40
224Jordan Burke M
352Ian Fraser M45
459Geoff Spencer M
561Shaun Stewart M40
662Darryl Chapman M
763Rob Winfield MLUnattached0:56:47
864Alun Williams M
969Mark Bacon M40
1074Reg Cooper M50
1176Steve Schofield M45
1282David Ramsbottom M40
1394Matthew Trisby M
14114Mike Gilbert M45
15115Simon Hutchinson M45
16116John Leary M60
17117Alistair Jordan M45
18120David Madden M
19132Peter Brookes M50
20135Kriston Clayton MLUnattached1:10:07
21137Sue Barker F45
22138Andrea Wragg F
23147David Oakes M45
24148Charlotte Coverley F
25152Jane Hewitt F45LUnattached1:15:50
26161Ken Price M55
27163Peter Wilson M50

125Martin Green M45
Wakefield District Harriers & AC0:51:22

1154Trevor Faulkner M65
Wilmslow RC1:17:14

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