Mellor Show Race - 24 Jul 2010

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Pos Name Cat Club Time
1Tom Beach MDurham University AC0:31:25
2Stuart Parrott M50Wilmslow RC0:31:36
3Kevan Garner M40Stockport Harriers & AC0:33:25
4Des Gibbons M40Pennine FR0:34:29
5James Parrott MJStockport Harriers & AC0:34:44
6Andrew Thomson M40Unattached0:35:20
7Pete Woodhead MGoyt Valley Striders0:36:17
8Christopher Harding M50Goyt Valley Striders0:36:22
9Dave Edmunds M40Fatboys RC0:36:33
10Martin Cortvriend M50Clwydian Range Runners0:36:57
11Mike Slater M40Stockport Harriers & AC0:36:58
12Robert Gallagher MUnattached0:37:00
13Dan Riley MPennine FR0:37:21
14Michael Docherty M50Unattached0:37:40
15Neil Hindle M50FRA0:37:52
16Bill Goodwin M40Pennine FR0:38:24
17David Ramsbottom M40Unattached0:38:33
18Alison McAleer FUnattached0:41:37
19Gary Brown M40Unattached0:41:42
20Andy Howie M50Pennine FR0:41:46
21James Jackson M40Salford Harriers & AC0:41:50
22Jane Mellor F40Pennine FR0:42:17
23Alistair Jordan M40Mellor Lacrosse0:42:18
24Mark Cliff MStockport Harriers & AC0:42:19
25Melanie Mather FUnattached0:42:28
26Neil Cooke M40Stockport Harriers & AC0:42:55
27Steve Ward M40Unattached0:43:58
28Matthew Simon M50Unattached0:44:12
29Sally Jane Mitchell F50Unattached0:44:16
30Louise Ward FUnattached0:44:37
31Lawrence Heijbroek MUnattached0:44:38
32Richard Johnson M50Unattached0:44:55
33Linda Edmondson F40Wrekin RR0:45:36
34Harry Dutson M50Unattached0:45:57
35Carl Buckley M60Glossopdale Harriers0:47:44
36Brian Robinson M60Unattached0:48:10
37Paul Griffiths M40Unattached0:48:13
38Richard Bissell M40Unattached0:48:18
39Cornelia Smith FUnattached0:48:19
40Toby Carlsson M40Unattached0:48:20
41Beryl Buckley F60Glossopdale Harriers0:51:35
42Mark Mayer M40Unattached0:51:40
43Daniel Brotherton MUnattached0:53:55
44Mary Jeal F40Denbigh Harriers0:55:43
45Sarah Yuill FUnattached0:57:12
46Graham Yuill MUnattached0:57:13
47Mimi Timpany FJUnattached0:57:42
48Charlotte Bews FJUnattached0:57:43
49Isabella Timpany FJUnattached0:57:45
50Jennifer Egan FUnattached0:58:21
51Ruth Robinson F60Unattached0:58:38
52Daniel Farley MUnattached0:59:56

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