Hayfield May Queen - 27 May 2011 - Sorted by Name

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Pos Name Cat L Club Time
27Barnes, Graham M50LUnattached0:27:59
26Bedson, Carl M40LUnattached0:27:56
20Brooks, Stuart M40LPennine FR0:26:17
12Budd, Tim M
Glossopdale Harriers0:24:32
4Chan, Daniel M
Pennine FR0:21:52
43Clayton, Kriston MLUnattached0:31:16
33Corbett, Simon M40
46Corbett, Gary M40
Pennine FR0:34:03
6Corden, James M
Stockport Harriers & AC0:22:27
39Corden, Heather FJ
Stockport Harriers & AC0:30:25
51Corden, Edward MJ
Stockport Harriers & AC0:37:06
1Craig, Nick M40LPennine FR0:20:34
19Craig, Thomas MJLPennine FR0:25:57
48Craig, Charlie MJLPennine FR0:36:01
17Dent, Roger M40
Tintwistle Flyers0:25:30
25Fermer, Mark M40LPennine FR0:27:47
34Finn, Paul M50LUnattached0:29:17
15Fraser, Ian M40
29Fraser, Simon MJLUnattached0:28:40
8Halley-Hogg, Rory MJ
Stockport Harriers & AC0:23:25
28Hart, Roger M60
Glossopdale Harriers0:28:22
35Harvey, Kath F50LPennine FR0:29:23
52Harvey, John M60LPennine FR0:37:44
14Hogg, Dave M50
Glossopdale Harriers0:24:58
22Jennison, Chris M40LUnattached0:26:54
38Kennedy, Ross M
3Leigh, Christopher MLTrafford AC0:21:47
31Litaba, Sikobe M40
Glossopdale Harriers0:28:45
41McGraw, Neville M60
Glossopdale Harriers0:31:07
42Miller, Thomas M40LPennine FR0:31:09
13Minshull, Alex MJ
Stockport Harriers & AC0:24:43
10Nichol, Phil M40LAltrincham & District AC0:24:19
7Nuttall, Joe M
Pennine FR0:23:12
53Nuttall, Sam MJ
Pennine FR0:42:10
36Palmer, Jasmine FJ
Glossopdale Harriers0:29:35
44Palmer, Lindsay F40
Glossopdale Harriers0:31:43
21Parker, Lucas MJLPennine FR0:26:51
30Parker, Claire FLPennine FR0:28:41
40Richardson, Tony M40LUnattached0:30:48
11Smith, Mark M50LPennine FR0:24:26
49Soles, Sarah F40LPennine FR0:36:26
37Stephenson, John M50
Glossopdale Harriers0:29:39
9Stitt, Paul M40
Glossopdale Harriers0:23:32
23Temple, Steve M50LKFR0:27:07
16Trueman, Jim M40LPennine FR0:25:17
32Walshaw, Tim M40LPennine FR0:28:55
24Wilkins, Andy M50
Glossopdale Harriers0:27:21
50Wilson, Ruth F50LUnattached0:36:36
5Winfield, Nat M
Pennine FR0:22:26
18Winfield, Rob MLUnattached0:25:35
2Wood, James M
Congleton Harriers & AC0:21:33
45Young, Isaac MJLUnattached0:33:57
47Young, Jonathon M40LUnattached0:36:01

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