Lamb's Leg - 19 Jan 2003 - Sorted by M/F

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Rank Pos Name Cat Club Time
115Naomi Greaves FPennine FR0:27:11
220Mary Edgerton F40Pennine FR0:28:37
341Vicky Smith FJUnattached0:38:53

11Tim Austin MDark Peak FR0:22:12
22Phil Winskill MDark Peak FR0:23:04
33Martin Crosby MAltrincham & District AC0:25:03
44David Keeling MTrafford AC0:25:05
55Richard Houghton MBuxton & District AC0:25:34
66Carl Moriarty M40Pennine FR0:25:58
77Rob Taylor M50Pennine FR0:26:21
88Steven Wyatt M40Pennine FR0:26:34
99Vincent Booth MTrafford AC0:26:38
1010Greg McNally MUnattached0:26:44
1111Malcolm Brown M45Buxton & District AC0:26:46
1212Alan Peel MFatboys RC0:26:56
1313Jim Ollerenshaw M45Glossopdale Harriers0:27:00
1414Mike Beecher M40Buxton & District AC0:27:04
1516Robert Edwards MGlossopdale Harriers0:27:57
1617Andrew Fox M45Glossopdale Harriers0:28:05
1718Andrew Hartley M40Fatboys RC0:28:16
1819Simon Hunter MUnattached0:28:36
1921Andy Bardsley M40Glossopdale Harriers0:28:40
2022Graham Smith M45Unattached0:28:45
2123Frank Fielding M50Pennine FR0:28:53
2224Mike Hudson M40Buxton & District AC0:28:58
2325Robert Berry M40Unattached0:29:06
2426David Willis M45Unattached0:29:23
2527David Askew MDoncaster0:29:35
2628Vaughan McKay M50Glossopdale Harriers0:29:37
2729Chris Edwards MDark Peak FR0:31:06
2830Richard Scottney M50Pennine FR0:31:11
2931Neil Goldsmith M50Hayfield0:31:27
3032Graham Revell M50Bradwell0:31:39
3133Ian Clough M45Fatboys RC0:32:52
3234Gary Corbett M40Pennine FR0:32:56
3335Pete Tapping M50Dark Peak FR0:33:40
3436David McCabe M45Doncaster0:33:41
3537Kevin Lidd MRockingham AC0:33:55
3638Ronald Rees M45Unattached0:35:00
3739Alistair Jordan MUnattached0:37:44
3840Mick Edwards M60Dark Peak FR0:38:11
3942Pete Nicholson M50Holmfirth Harriers AC0:49:50

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