Hayfield Fell Races - Web Site Migration - Sep 2014

The Hayfield Fell Races web site has now moved to a new server. The new site is here...


The move took place on Wed, 1st Oct 2014 and from that date the old site is no longer being maintained but instead redirects access to the new site. Because the old server may shut down at some point in the coming months, you shouldn't rely on this redirection for too long!

The page you are looking for may be here...


What you need to do

If you have bookmarked the site or any of its constituent pages, you'll need to change your bookmarks.

If you link to the site or any of its constituent pages from your own web pages, you'll need to update those pages.

If you are the race organiser for any of the local races and you provide links to the site to anyone, such as the FRA, you'll need to provide links to the new site.

How the site's addresses will change

The site uses two types of URL and you may need to change one or both of these. The old and the new forms are in the table below. If the URL begins with the old prefix, then just replace that with the new prefix.

Old prefix    New prefix


Having trouble?

If you're having trouble with any of this I would be happy to help you out. Send an email to me, Steve Temple