Kinder Downfall - 30 Apr 2000 - Sorted by Club

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Rank Pos Name Cat L Club Time
16Graham Watson MLAltrincham & District AC1:11:08
261Neil Goldsmith M50LAltrincham & District AC1:25:43
3157Alan Williams M
Altrincham & District AC1:40:12

1186David Wood M
Belle Vue Racers1:47:37

1177Anthony Breakwell M60
Borrowdale FR1:44:05

1109Graham Revell M50

1180Mick Edwards M55
Burton AC1:45:32

111Malcolm Brown M40
Buxton & District AC1:13:49
214Ivor Ward M
Buxton & District AC1:15:00
3128Julie Gardner F40
Buxton & District AC1:34:54

118Bryan Carr M
Congleton Harriers & AC1:17:07
241Phillip Bratby M50
Congleton Harriers & AC1:22:53

19Andrew Carruthers M
Crawley AC1:13:14

135Andrew Moore M40
Dark Peak FR1:20:24
238Roy Marlow M50
Dark Peak FR1:22:12
339Dave Soles MLDark Peak FR1:22:24
451Philippa Leach F35
Dark Peak FR1:24:30
556Chris Barber M40
Dark Peak FR1:25:17
676Ken Jones M50
Dark Peak FR1:28:51
784Karen Dalton F
Dark Peak FR1:30:03
8154Hugh Cotton M50
Dark Peak FR1:39:38
9170John Woodcock M50
Dark Peak FR1:42:24
10188Gerry Goldsmith F50LDark Peak FR1:49:59
11190Pete Tapping M45
Dark Peak FR1:52:17

1123Jill Town F40
Denby Dale Travellers1:34:08

134Anthony Barrable M45
Derby & County AC1:20:03

115Mark Creighton M
East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC1:15:34
230Carl Whitworth M
East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC1:19:44
349Stephen Roberts M
East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC1:24:19
478Derek Hughes M
East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC1:29:06
5160Mark Tattersall M
East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC1:40:20
6162Howard Bamber M45
East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC1:40:28
7194David Salmon M50
East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC1:54:14

128Phil Pittson M50
Erewash Valley RC1:19:09
246Nick Lander M40
Erewash Valley RC1:23:56
369Peter Whitehead M45
Erewash Valley RC1:26:29
474Brian Goodall M45
Erewash Valley RC1:28:07
5105Steve Wickham M40
Erewash Valley RC1:32:24

180Mike Blake M50
Eryri Harriers1:29:30
2113Victoria Musgrove F40
Eryri Harriers1:33:24

168Willie Gibbins M45
293John Winterbottom M40

165Andy Hartley M40
Fatboys RC1:26:07

123Anthony O'Keefe M40
GM Fire Service1:18:00

18Alan Kirk M
Glossopdale Harriers1:12:57
213Adrian Jones M40
Glossopdale Harriers1:14:50
340Bill Robinson M45
Glossopdale Harriers1:22:45
457Vaughan McKay M45
Glossopdale Harriers1:25:22
558Andy Bardsley M
Glossopdale Harriers1:25:29
663Bill Clayton M45
Glossopdale Harriers1:25:53
783Bill Buckley M55
Glossopdale Harriers1:29:59
888Matthew Brown M
Glossopdale Harriers1:30:39
9127Gerrard Moss M45
Glossopdale Harriers1:34:41
10134Martin Morrison M55
Glossopdale Harriers1:36:10
11138Jim Ollerenshaw M45
Glossopdale Harriers1:36:39
12144Jacqueline Purvis F35
Glossopdale Harriers1:38:00
13155Clare Baguley F35
Glossopdale Harriers1:40:04
14184Neville McGraw M50
Glossopdale Harriers1:46:40

177Mark Whelan M
Goyt Valley Striders1:29:01
2133Peter Hill M45
Goyt Valley Striders1:36:07

1121Kenny Rowe M45
Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield1:34:06

1167Peter Leach M50
Harborough AC1:40:48

126Graham McAra M45
Helsby (BICC) RC1:18:48

1179Frank Makin M60
Holme Pierrepont RC1:44:31

186Andrew Stafford M55
Kendal AAC1:30:27
289David Shinn M45
Kendal AAC1:30:49
390Les Freeman M45
Kendal AAC1:30:53

1110MD Nunn M
Kimberworth Striders1:33:06

181William Waine M45
Leamington Cycling & AC1:29:32

127Geoffrey Hodges M45
Macclesfield Harriers & AC1:18:52
291Judy McBride F35
Macclesfield Harriers & AC1:31:10
3100Steve McBride M40
Macclesfield Harriers & AC1:31:56

124Andy Fitzpatrick M40LManchester Harriers & AC1:18:35

1108John Leary M50
Manchester YMCA Harriers1:32:51
2124Paul Capey M
Manchester YMCA Harriers1:34:24

17Karl Webster M
Matlock AC1:12:22
212Richard Bradbury M
Matlock AC1:14:38
372Michael Kuszynski M
Matlock AC1:27:38
4140Rob Tresidder M
Matlock AC1:36:42
5187John Young M
Matlock AC1:49:26

1169Priscilla Goodall F45
Mercia FR1:41:03

187Clive Holland M55
Michelin AC1:30:30

182Derek Mill M50

117Steven Smith M
North Staffs RR (NSRRA)1:16:57

121GP McMahon M40
Notts AC1:17:41

194Mel Bale M45
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC1:31:21
298Wayne Parkinson M
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC1:31:52
3163Bernice Nixon F45
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC1:40:29
4164Richard Kemp M55
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC1:40:32
5165Kathryn Goldthorpe F
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC1:40:43
6182Phil Mullins M50
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC1:45:44
7189Derek Smith M45
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC1:51:37
8191Geoffrey Dimelow M45
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC1:52:46
9195Sue Higham F50
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC1:55:13

110Mark Williams M
Pennine FR1:13:32
216Tony Hulme M50
Pennine FR1:16:43
319Phil Winskill M
Pennine FR1:17:26
431Ian Warhurst M40
Pennine FR1:19:49
533Alan Bocking M45
Pennine FR1:19:58
636Alan Brentnall M50LPennine FR1:20:29
737Paul Brownson M40
Pennine FR1:21:39
842Richard Scottney M45LPennine FR1:23:20
945Andy Howie M45
Pennine FR1:23:49
1064George Scott M50
Pennine FR1:26:00
1166Carl Moriarty M
Pennine FR1:26:13
1270Sally Gilliver F35
Pennine FR1:27:01
1396John Chadwick M50
Pennine FR1:31:39
14102Jason Stott M
Pennine FR1:32:08
15111Alan Sherliker M
Pennine FR1:33:07
16115Mary Edgerton F40LPennine FR1:33:38
17122Helen Hargreave F
Pennine FR1:34:07
18132Mark Pearson M
Pennine FR1:35:59
19139Alison Brentnall F50LPennine FR1:36:42
20142Gary Corbett M
Pennine FR1:37:31
21148Jane Mellor F
Pennine FR1:38:28
22201Jo Barber F40LPennine FR1:57:43

173Ruth Isaacs F35
Pensby Runners1:27:47
292Andy Worthington M50
Pensby Runners1:31:14
3116John Keyworth M40
Pensby Runners1:33:41
4117Fred Roberts M45
Pensby Runners1:33:52
5119Dave Easthope M45
Pensby Runners1:34:01
6171Neil Thompson M55
Pensby Runners1:42:40
7197Peter Chee M55
Pensby Runners1:55:57
8199Dave Connolly M40
Pensby Runners1:56:34
9202Linda Roberts F55
Pensby Runners1:59:30
10204Lesley Cumming F40
Pensby Runners2:02:03
11205Jim Fedigan M40
Pensby Runners2:02:05
12206Steve Girling M50
Pensby Runners2:02:06
13208Fred Mottram M60
Pensby Runners2:06:38

125Andrew Hall M45
Portsmouth Joggers1:18:43
2118David Yetton M45
Portsmouth Joggers1:34:00
3145Paul Channing M40
Portsmouth Joggers1:38:02

155Steve Wathall M40
Retford AC1:25:06
299Ron Brown M50
Retford AC1:31:54
3193Angela Campion F40
Retford AC1:54:01
4198Cathy Wright F
Retford AC1:56:33

152Jamie Dore M50
Rochdale Harriers & AC1:24:42
2129Janice Needham F45
Rochdale Harriers & AC1:35:19

162Ian Page M40
Rolls Royce Harriers1:25:50

1203Keith Mitchell M60
Rotherham Harriers & AC2:00:08

1112Cliff Etherdon M50
Saddleworth RC1:33:13
2126Peter Calladine M45
Saddleworth RC1:34:32
3136Roy Bradley M50
Saddleworth RC1:36:18

1103Patrick Cornwell M45LSalford Harriers & AC1:32:21

1207Steve Topham M45
Saltwell Harriers2:06:02

160Mark Stock M
Shepshed RC1:25:39
2107Gill Evans F35
Shepshed RC1:32:41
3114Michael Davis M45
Shepshed RC1:33:31
4131Jo Payne F35
Shepshed RC1:35:47
5156Robert Haskins M45
Shepshed RC1:40:08

167John Carrier M55
Siemens AC1:26:19
285Clive Brown M40
Siemens AC1:30:15
397Gary Cooper M40
Siemens AC1:31:46
4137Graham Beniston M45
Siemens AC1:36:21
5176John O'Donnell M50
Siemens AC1:43:57

1106David Edge M45
Staffordshire Moorlands1:32:30
2130Dave Brunt M40
Staffordshire Moorlands1:35:34

1151Mick Derrick M40
Steel City Striders RC1:39:15
2174Alison Hollett F
Steel City Striders RC1:43:06

11Bashir Hussain M
Stockport Harriers & AC1:09:36
24Paul Deaville MLStockport Harriers & AC1:10:39
354Tony Greenhalgh M
Stockport Harriers & AC1:24:56
4125Simon Corbett MLStockport Harriers & AC1:34:25
5149Michael Brown M
Stockport Harriers & AC1:38:33
6185Mike Boardman M45
Stockport Harriers & AC1:47:12

12Andrew Wrench M
Todmorden Harriers & AC1:10:08
25Karl Smith M
Todmorden Harriers & AC1:10:46

1192Susan Campbell F45
Totley AC1:53:00

147Christopher Leigh M
Trafford AC1:24:07

13Steve Penney M
222Robin Skelton MLUnattached1:17:53
329Chris Ledger M
432Alan Renfree M40
544Alan Billington M
648Tim O'Neil M
750Graham Smith M45LUnattached1:24:21
853Tony Simpson M
959Michael Burke M
1071Ian Rawson M
1175Howard Darwin M
1279Steve Temple M40LUnattached1:29:16
1395Paul Pearce M45
14101Ian Bennett M45
15104Jonathan Hull M
16120Robert Acheson M
17141Tim Snape M
18143Paul Eastwood M40
19146Marian Fletcher F40
20147Chris Edwards M
21150Hugh Burnett M
22152Michael Campbell M
23153Alan Turner M
24158Celia Mills F
25159Mark Jervis M40
26161Steve Turk M
27166Ian Clough M40
28172Elaine Rose-Richardson F35
29173Patricia Justin F40LUnattached1:42:55
30175Alistair Jordan MLUnattached1:43:35
31178Lisa Shaw F
32181Lindsay McAllister F
33183John Harvey M50LUnattached1:45:57
34196Andrew Willett M45LUnattached1:55:51
35200Carol Geddes F35
36209Julia Gale F
37210Sharon Price F

120Ian Walker M
Wakefield District Harriers & AC1:17:28

1135Trevor Faulkner M55
Wilmslow RC1:36:15

143Dave Buckler M40
Wooton RR1:23:37
2168Caroline McMillan F35
Wooton RR1:40:57

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