James's Thorn - 18 Jun 2008 - Sorted by M/F

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Rank Pos Name Cat Club Time
111Natalie White FBingley Harriers & AC0:36:41
218Helen Berry FHolmfirth Harriers AC0:39:29
331Rachael Lawrance FMacclesfield Harriers & AC0:42:23
433Katherine Harvey F40Pennine FR0:42:37
543Paula Gould FHolmfirth Harriers AC0:46:29
645Christine Couch F50Holmfirth Harriers AC0:46:42
746Karen Sinkinson F40Holmfirth Harriers AC0:48:16
847Lindsay Palmer F40Glossopdale Harriers0:48:56
949Alexis Dinsmor F50Pennine FR0:50:40
1052Sophie Barraclough F40Holmfirth Harriers AC0:56:35

11Tom Brunt MHolmfirth Harriers AC0:33:59
22Kieran Hodgson MUnattached0:34:10
33Richard Patton MDark Peak FR0:34:32
44Julian Rank M40Holmfirth Harriers AC0:35:05
55Tim Taylor M40Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:35:17
66Matthew Kieras MGlossopdale Harriers0:35:31
77Neil Walker MAltrincham & District AC0:35:45
88Noel Curtis MFatboys RC0:36:01
99Mark Ollerenshaw MGlossopdale Harriers0:36:13
1010John Ewart M50Holmfirth Harriers AC0:36:33
1112Kevin Baxter MHolmfirth Harriers AC0:36:50
1213Mathew Webster MDark Peak FR0:36:54
1314Joseph Nuttall MCheshire Hill Racers0:38:18
1415Ewan Douglas M40Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:38:52
1516Dale Gartley M40Unattached0:38:58
1617Geoff Briggs M40Pennine FR0:39:14
1719Dave Hogg M50Glossopdale Harriers0:39:39
1820Phil Leigh MUnattached0:39:44
1921Jonathan Hull MGoyt Valley Striders0:39:58
2022Richard Scottney M50Pennine FR0:39:59
2123Shaun Jackson MAltrincham & District AC0:40:57
2224Barry Blyth M60Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:41:12
2325Phil Swan MGlossopdale Harriers0:41:24
2426Jan Danilo-Garbacki MHolmfirth Harriers AC0:41:30
2527Ian Shuttleworth M40Holmfirth Harriers AC0:41:45
2628Julian Brown M40Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:42:03
2729Paul Moore M50Unattached0:42:15
2830Paul Shaw MHolmfirth Harriers AC0:42:19
2932Frank Fielding M50Pennine FR0:42:29
3034Steve Bunker M50Unattached0:42:49
3135Gus French M50Pennine FR0:43:16
3236William Helliwell M60Unattached0:43:52
3337A Haigh M40Holmfirth Harriers AC0:44:19
3438Roger Hart MGlossopdale Harriers0:44:58
3539Michael Brown MStockport Harriers & AC0:46:02
3640Brian Macfadyen M50Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:46:04
3741Craig Partridge MAltrincham & District AC0:46:10
3842Matthew Hark M40Stockport Harriers & AC0:46:14
3944Philip Barnes M50Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:46:36
4048Paul Griffiths M40Unattached0:49:33
4150Robin Wignall MAltrincham & District AC0:53:33
4251Justin Gutmann M60Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:54:39
4353Richard Scarsbrook M60Unattached0:58:11
4454Malcolm Schofield M70Altrincham & District AC0:59:26

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