Famous Grouse - 27 Nov 2005 - Sorted by Club

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Rank Pos Name Cat L Club Time
142Leo Harvey MJLAltrincham & District AC0:47:16
262Colin Davies M50
Altrincham & District AC0:51:07

181Paul Griffiths M45
Barnsley Harriers0:56:25

145Bernie Cook MLBelle Vue Racers0:47:34
292Kevin Egerton M50
Belle Vue Racers1:02:56
394Stuart Kitchen M50
Belle Vue Racers1:03:47

143Simon Hunter M
Buxton & District AC0:47:17

17Joseph Nuttall M
Cheshire Hill Racers0:39:38

138Andrew Doran M
Cheshire Police0:46:21

180Austin Farr M60
Congleton Harriers & AC0:56:23

11Lloyd Taggart M
Dark Peak FR0:33:10
25Mike Nolan M
Dark Peak FR0:39:15
312Dave Soles M40LDark Peak FR0:41:06
413Ron Fawcett M50
Dark Peak FR0:41:13
518Andy Barnett M40
Dark Peak FR0:42:55
624Karen Davison F
Dark Peak FR0:44:08
739Eoin Connaughton M40
Dark Peak FR0:46:36
859Pete Tapping M50
Dark Peak FR0:50:51
961Chris Holt M50
Dark Peak FR0:51:02
1068John Dalton M50
Dark Peak FR0:53:10

119Mike Pullman M40
Fatboys RC0:43:01
236Judith Jepson F
Fatboys RC0:45:52
346Dave Edmunds M
Fatboys RC0:47:42
457Dominic Hewins M
Fatboys RC0:50:33
567Barry Walker M
Fatboys RC0:52:55
686Gordon Evans M50
Fatboys RC0:57:54
788Malin Hewins F
Fatboys RC1:00:19

116John Hewitt M40
Glossopdale Harriers0:42:18
221Andy Wilkins M45LGlossopdale Harriers0:43:30
382Neil Shuttleworth M50
Glossopdale Harriers0:56:56
484John Stephenson M
Glossopdale Harriers0:57:10
589Beryl Buckley F50
Glossopdale Harriers1:01:06
690Carl Buckley M50
Glossopdale Harriers1:01:08

127Steve Temple M45LKFR0:44:36
249Robin Winfield MLKFR0:47:49
387Jane Hewitt F45LKFR1:00:12

144Paul Rushworth M
Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:47:18

135Damian Kilpin M
Penistone Footpath Runners & AC0:45:46

14Darren Dunn MLPennine FR0:37:27
26Carl Moriarty M40
Pennine FR0:39:27
38Geoff Briggs M45LPennine FR0:40:01
49Mark Smith M45LPennine FR0:40:20
510Alan Kirk M45
Pennine FR0:40:52
614Andy Howie M50LPennine FR0:41:21
715Mike Burchell MLPennine FR0:41:52
817Will Hawtin MLPennine FR0:42:39
920Alan Brentnall M50LPennine FR0:43:08
1025Ian Warhurst M45
Pennine FR0:44:14
1126Richard Topliss M
Pennine FR0:44:29
1228Ronald Rees M50LPennine FR0:44:43
1330Richard Scottney M50LPennine FR0:45:00
1431Naomi Greaves FLPennine FR0:45:03
1532Frank Fielding M50
Pennine FR0:45:34
1633Jason Stott M
Pennine FR0:45:37
1734Robert Taylor M55
Pennine FR0:45:42
1837John Jodrell M45LPennine FR0:46:18
1947Nicole Grobben FLPennine FR0:47:47
2050Jane Mellor F40LPennine FR0:47:55
2151Alison Brentnall F50LPennine FR0:48:28
2252George Scott M50LPennine FR0:48:54
2353Mike Hudson M45
Pennine FR0:48:59
2454Mary Edgerton F45LPennine FR0:49:28
2555Gary Corbett M40
Pennine FR0:49:46
2660Elaine Rose F40LPennine FR0:50:53
2766Yvonne Eardley FLPennine FR0:52:47
2874Margaret Chippendale F60
Pennine FR0:54:50
2975Alexis Dinsmor F50
Pennine FR0:55:18
3083Nick Gutteridge MLPennine FR0:57:00

12John Brown M
Salford Harriers & AC0:33:50

185Rod Campbell M60
Staffordshire Moorlands0:57:28

123Tony Lee M40
Stockport Harriers & AC0:44:03
240Estelle McGuire F
Stockport Harriers & AC0:46:52
341Sean Whewell M40LStockport Harriers & AC0:47:07
463Ruth Lee FLStockport Harriers & AC0:51:23
565Ken Jackson M50
Stockport Harriers & AC0:52:15
671Eric Normansell M60
Stockport Harriers & AC0:53:45
777Ross Mann F50
Stockport Harriers & AC0:55:37
891Elaine DeFries F40
Stockport Harriers & AC1:01:31
995Gill Bremner F50
Stockport Harriers & AC1:04:08

158Kevin Dudley M
Totley AC0:50:40

13Nick Craig MLUnattached0:37:12
211Dale Gartley M45
322Noel Curtis M
429Ashley Kay M40
548Steve Cardwell MLUnattached0:47:48
656Chriss Tanner M60
764Mark Burton M
869Stuart Brooks MLUnattached0:53:39
970John Kershaw M50
1072Ian Waddell M40LUnattached0:54:21
1173Dan Millward M
1276Jon Martin M50
1378Paul Hunt M40
1493Lindsay Wilks M40

179Trevor Faulkner M60
Wilmslow RC0:56:08

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