Cracken Edge - 4 Aug 2004 - Sorted by Club

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Rank Pos Name Cat Club Time
1109Robin Wignall M50Altrincham & District AC1:02:42
2111Neil Goldsmith M50Altrincham & District AC1:03:02
3151Malcolm Schofield M50Altrincham & District AC1:21:30

167Dan Cooper MBarnsley AC0:57:08

110Shaun Swallow MBarnsley Harriers0:49:55
246Steve Dickinson M40Barnsley Harriers0:54:19
352Shaun Clarkson M40Barnsley Harriers0:55:36
464David Gill M40Barnsley Harriers0:56:52
578Paul Watson MBarnsley Harriers0:58:17
683Peter Higgins M40Barnsley Harriers0:58:35
793John William Hewitt M50Barnsley Harriers1:00:03
894Linda Walton FBarnsley Harriers1:00:43
9100Graham McCormick M40Barnsley Harriers1:01:07
10102Paul Griffiths M40Barnsley Harriers1:01:15
11123Jo Bowen FBarnsley Harriers1:05:17
12124Alan Walker M50Barnsley Harriers1:05:31
13133Kenneth Dauris M50Barnsley Harriers1:08:35
14147Rachel Nothard F40Barnsley Harriers1:15:14
15148Melanie Sanders F40Barnsley Harriers1:17:27
16149Julie Brown F40Barnsley Harriers1:17:44
17154Julie Nothard F40Barnsley Harriers1:22:35
18160Vikki Skipper F40Barnsley Harriers1:24:00
19161Vickie Gleadall F50Barnsley Harriers1:25:56
20162Owen Gleadall M50Barnsley Harriers1:25:58

1139David Mastin M40Belle Vue Racers1:10:50
2143Kevin Egerton M50Belle Vue Racers1:14:33

12Lloyd Taggart MBuxton & District AC0:43:19
211Donald O'Brien M40Buxton & District AC0:50:02
3122Karin O'Brien F40Buxton & District AC1:05:06
4140Paul Clay M40Buxton & District AC1:12:59
5141Paul Heathcote MBuxton & District AC1:13:00

147Robert Skelton MCalder Valley FR0:54:44

1150Sue Taylor F40Cheadle RC1:18:55

122Nicholas Stone M40City of Stoke AC0:51:32

112Bryan Carr M40Congleton Harriers & AC0:50:10

17Andrew Carruthers M40Crawley AC0:47:41

14Kev Lilley M40Dark Peak FR0:44:41
219Andrew Moore M40Dark Peak FR0:51:04
325Tim Hawley M40Dark Peak FR0:52:21
436Andy Barnes M40Dark Peak FR0:53:30
544Neville Boler M50Dark Peak FR0:54:11
648Tom Westgate M40Dark Peak FR0:55:19
758Christopher Barber M50Dark Peak FR0:56:06
866David Hakes MDark Peak FR0:57:07
968Richard Hakes M40Dark Peak FR0:57:15
1070Paul Sanderson M40Dark Peak FR0:57:34
1176Roger Slater M40Dark Peak FR0:58:07
1279Tim Ray MDark Peak FR0:58:21
13112Eoin Connaughton M40Dark Peak FR1:03:03
14127John Myers M50Dark Peak FR1:06:50

113Jim Bell M40Denby Dale Travellers0:50:16
232Steve Blackford M50Denby Dale Travellers0:53:08
387Mick Baldwin M50Denby Dale Travellers0:59:17
4105Christine Mosey F40Denby Dale Travellers1:01:43

185Allan Batho M50East Cheshire Harriers0:58:48
2120Manhar Patel MEast Cheshire Harriers1:04:33

139Tony Crossley M50East Grinstead & District AC0:53:42

1152Julian Page M40FRA1:22:17

1113James Wragg M40Fatboys RC1:03:07
2135Ian Clough M40Fatboys RC1:08:52

120Andrew Anastasi MGlossopdale Harriers0:51:07
229Robert Edwards MGlossopdale Harriers0:52:51
340Dominic Naylor M40Glossopdale Harriers0:53:53
442John Pollard M50Glossopdale Harriers0:53:58
562Matthew Newman MGlossopdale Harriers0:56:36
663Andy Wilkins M40Glossopdale Harriers0:56:40
775Carl Bedson MGlossopdale Harriers0:58:06
881Vaughan McKay M50Glossopdale Harriers0:58:34
9104John Stephenson M40Glossopdale Harriers1:01:24
10116Clare Baguley F40Glossopdale Harriers1:03:29
11117Rob Poole M50Glossopdale Harriers1:03:32
12155Alison Holt FGlossopdale Harriers1:23:00

149Scott Reid MGoyt Valley Striders0:55:25
253Jonathan Hull MGoyt Valley Striders0:55:38
3121John Daley MGoyt Valley Striders1:05:05

11Phil Winskill MHallamshire Harriers Sheffield0:43:08
29Chris Moseley MHallamshire Harriers Sheffield0:48:56
317Mark Bown MHallamshire Harriers Sheffield0:50:52
418James Hargreaves MHallamshire Harriers Sheffield0:50:58

143Helen Berry FHolmfirth Harriers AC0:54:00

1136Eric Winfield M50KFR1:09:55

116Mike Burchell MKinder MRT0:50:40
251Darren Wallis MKinder MRT0:55:35
3157Steven Cardwell MKinder MRT1:23:22

1119Bill Waine M50Leamington Cycling & AC1:04:31

134Julian Brown MMacclesfield Harriers & AC0:53:25
237John Amies M50Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:53:31
345Ian Hughes M40Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:54:18
461Mike Nelson MMacclesfield Harriers & AC0:56:13
571Martin Rands M40Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:57:48
674Richard Gay M40Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:58:05
782Brian Macfadyen M40Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:58:34
892Stephen Wood M50Macclesfield Harriers & AC0:59:56
998Matthew Kowalski-Hicks MMacclesfield Harriers & AC1:01:05
10101Colin Ardron M50Macclesfield Harriers & AC1:01:12
11107David Tucker M50Macclesfield Harriers & AC1:02:26
12110John Bunyan M40Macclesfield Harriers & AC1:02:44
13129Dave Parry M40Macclesfield Harriers & AC1:07:42

1142Fliss Milner F40North Derbyshire RC1:13:10

130Damian Kilpin MPenistone Footpath Runners & AC0:52:57

13Malcolm Fowler M40Pennine FR0:44:21
28Colin Fray M40Pennine FR0:48:42
314Steve Wyatt M40Pennine FR0:50:24
424Jim Trueman MPennine FR0:51:54
531Andy Howie M40Pennine FR0:53:03
633Ian Warhurst M40Pennine FR0:53:12
741Richard Scottney M50Pennine FR0:53:55
854Alan Brentnall M50Pennine FR0:55:42
959John Doyle MPennine FR0:56:08
1072Alan Bocking M50Pennine FR0:57:52
1189George Scott M50Pennine FR0:59:46
12128Elaine Rose FPennine FR1:07:26
13134Alexis Dinsmor F50Pennine FR1:08:50

121Paul Evans MRAMC0:51:12

155Steve Wathall M40Retford AC0:55:47
297Carol Geddes F40Retford AC1:00:52

126Ozzy Kershaw M40Saddleworth RC0:52:37

1130Paul Thomson M50Sale Harriers Manchester1:07:53
2132Roger Ashby M50Sale Harriers Manchester1:08:17

156Jim Smith M40Saltwell Harriers0:55:58

165Stephen Esplin MStockport Harriers & AC0:57:02
269Geoff Spencer MStockport Harriers & AC0:57:30
388Estelle McGuire FStockport Harriers & AC0:59:35
4115Liz Bowden FStockport Harriers & AC1:03:28

16Vinny Booth M40Trafford AC0:47:37
223David Keeling M40Trafford AC0:51:44
328Jonathon Booth MTrafford AC0:52:41
491Stephen Keeling M40Trafford AC0:59:53
5156Claire Parker FTrafford AC1:23:01

15Jon Chapman MUnattached0:47:24
215Richard Hall MUnattached0:50:29
327Robert Gallagher MUnattached0:52:40
435Simon Proud M40Unattached0:53:26
538Andy Pead MUnattached0:53:33
650Bruce Woolley MUnattached0:55:28
757Steve Temple M40Unattached0:56:03
860Nick Smith MUnattached0:56:12
973Brian Evans M50Unattached0:57:59
1080Christopher Harding M40Unattached0:58:27
1184William Helliwell M50Unattached0:58:43
1286John Michael Hewitt M40Unattached0:59:12
1390Trevor Milner M40Unattached0:59:48
1495Mike Ashby MUnattached1:00:46
1596Nigel Chantler M50Unattached1:00:50
1699Malcolm Stubbs M40Unattached1:01:06
17103Michael Docherty M50Unattached1:01:20
18106Shaun Corah MUnattached1:02:11
19108Robert Cooper MUnattached1:02:31
20114Matthew Hack M40Unattached1:03:21
21118Tony Steward M50Unattached1:04:09
22125Neil Woods MUnattached1:06:34
23126Elaine Doherty FUnattached1:06:47
24131Peter Lancaster M40Unattached1:07:57
25137Paul Craven M40Unattached1:10:21
26144Simon Moorhouse M40Unattached1:14:34
27145Jane Hewitt F40Unattached1:14:49
28146Sandra Lefley FUnattached1:14:58
29153Caroline Page FUnattached1:22:18
30158Julie Ryan FUnattached1:23:48
31159Cath Hughes F40Unattached1:23:54

177Neil Taylor M40Wharfedale Harriers0:58:12

1138Trevor Faulkner M50Wilmslow RC1:10:42

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